Here you'll find workshops and classes that will support you and enhance your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Childbirth education, yoga teacher trainings, infant massage, nutrition, and a variety of different types of yoga workshops are available. Take a look…you'll love what we offer!

Childbirth Preparation Classes and Workshops
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Postnatal Teacher Training Workshops
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Childbirth Preparation Classes and Workshops


Using aspects of hypnosis, relaxation, yogic breathing, the power of your mind and the connection with your baby to get into your instinctual and gentle birthing body. These classes are for families who want to have a positive birthing experience and are interested in having a lower intervention birth at home or in a hospital.

The goal of my childbirth education classes is to give women and their partners confidence, courage, and the techniques they need to bring their baby into the world in a satisfying way. I passionately believe that delving into the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of birth ultimately helps you make honest, informed, and focused decisions for a calm, safe, joyful, and transformative birth.

First time parents are welcome, as are second time parents who wish to have a better experience.


Teacher: Rachel Yellin

Locations: San Francisco and Marin

Registration: To register call Rachel Yellin at 415.370.8419 or email For more information visit Rachel's website for a complete description, dates, times, and costs.



Prepares participants for birth by integrating eight special birth senses: body awareness, sight, sound, breath, touch, smell, voice, and joy into your pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond.


Teacher: Lindsey Weinstein, Child Birth Educator & Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Duration: Tuesdays starting 10/04/16 - 11/22/16 (ongoing)

Cost: $350 per family

Locations: SPRIGHT, 580 Howard Street, Unit 202, San Francisco, CA. 94105

Registration: To register please email and send $150.00 deposit via paypal -



This workshop is ideal for all pregnant women, their partners, birth companions and anyone who works with childbearing women, including yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors.Through the comfortable, supported postures of Restorative Yoga, we'll drop into a deep state of physiological relaxation that many women find to be helpful in increasing mental, emotional and physical comfort throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. By subduing the sympathetic nervous system's fight, flight or freeze response and igniting the parasympathetic nervous system, a birthing mother can surrender into a state of mindful connection and ease where her body opens more efficiently, comfortably and healthfully. Within this state of deep surrender, women find it much easier to draw on their primal birthing resources and remain more connected to their babies, partners and the power of this sacred transformation. In addition to the Restorative poses (which may be used as birthing positions), we'll explore movement, meditation, breathing, visualization and HypnoBirthing techniques to deepen relaxation through all phases of the childbearing year.

Partners and other support people will learn the basics of how to set mammas up in the postures, as well as how to experience the relaxation themselves. Feel free to bring a camera to take photos of the pose set ups so you can replicate them at home and during birth.

Teacher: Britt Fohrman

Duration: 1pm - 4:15pm; Cost per person $45; per coupole $80

Location: Yoga Tree Valencia


The Calm Birth program is from centuries old wisdom and is based in current mind-body medicine and meditation research at Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts. Calm Birth offers women and their partners advanced meditation and relaxation practices to support natural childbirth, and is also a vital complementary method for women when medical interventions are used. Calm Birth is a successful stress reduction program which helps: reduce anxiety and fear, increase capacity to manage pain, strengthen the immune system and heal the nervous system in preparation for birth, and facilitate bonding with baby.

Teachers: Kari Marble

Duration: 3 hours

Location: San Francisco and Marin

Registration: To register, please contact Kari at 415-845-1073 or For further information, see No prior meditation experience necessary. The class is beneficial to take anytime in pregnancy, recommended as early as possible.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Workshops


In this semi-private series, we will practice gentle and restorative yoga pose interwoven with yogic breathing and simple meditation techniques to deepen our connection to our pelvic floor muscles. This practice can be very useful in decreasing tension and discomfort, while increasing circulation, relaxation, optimal function, strength and pleasure in this mysterious and powerful part of our bodies. This series is open to women with any level of yoga experience and will be structured around supporting each student to connect to the voice and abilities of her own body, whether she is needing to gain pelvic relaxation, strength, or a more complete balance of the two. Women that might want to consider this workshop are those with pelvic, vaginal, low back or SI pain, incontinence, as well as postpartum moms and anyone wanting to learn more about this important area.

In addition to drawing from experience gained from studying yoga in the Iyengar linage since 1993, I'll bring in my depth of knowledge of the female pelvis from over 9 years of work as a birth doula. On top of that, my HypnoBirthing childbirth education training and experience in witnessing tremendous peace and ease in birth has inspired me to apply these principles of visualization, meditation, breathing and affirmations to other aspects of women's health, particularly pelvic health and fertility.

If you are interested, please email Britt to inquire about upcoming dates.

Teacher: Britt Fohrman

Duration &Cost: $130 per person for a series of four 90 minutes classes.

Location: Britt's Home Studio in Bernal Heights.

* No cancellations, refunds or rainchecks are allowed once you have committed to the dates.


Yoga is an excellent way to prepare the mind, body and spirit for the many transitions of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. In this workshop, you will learn techniques for breath awareness, partner poses and massage, which can help strengthen and relax your body, and sooth your mind during the birth process.

Additionally, these approaches will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply to yourself, your partner and your baby. We will also explore visualization and relaxation techniques that can further assist you during childbirth.

Please eat a light meal one hour before class, and bring a snack.

Teachers: Britt Fohrman or Jane Austin

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Yoga Tree Valencia Studio

Registration: To register call 415.647.9707 or visit For more information visit or or This workshop is limited to 20 couples; pre-registration is recommended.


Deepen your birth preparation through essential massage, yoga, and breath practice. This workshop will provide you and your birth partner with confidence and an invaluable array of tools to support labor and birth, whether for your first baby or beyond. You will: learn how to relieve labor pain using specific massage techniques; practice partner yoga postures to strengthen and open the body for labor and birth; practice positions that tap your body's wisdom, align with gravity to ease your body's work, and aid progression of labor; and learn to use vocalization to focus your mind and relax your body through contractions.

Teachers: Kari and Craig Marble

Duration: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Cost: $100 per couple/$90 for members

Location: The Mindful Body; Private sessions also available.

Registration: To register for a group workshop, please contact The Mindful Body at at 415-931-2639 or register online at To register for a private workshop, please contact Kari directly at 415-845-1073 or For further information, see

No prior yoga or massage experience necessary. Limited to 10 couples. Ideal time for class between 30-37 weeks.


HypnoYoga combines hypnosis and restorative yoga, bringing you to a whole new level of healing relaxation. During this workshop, Britt Fohrman will instruct you through a sequence of restorative yoga poses, while Rachel Yellin guides you into a deep healing hypnotic state. This workshop is open to all people, however, pregnant women are strongly encourage to attend and experience the special sequence of poses designed just for pregnancy! No yoga experience is necessary. This is also the perfect workshop for postpartum moms who could use a little time for themselves.

Teachers: Britt Fohrman & Rachel Yellin

Duration: 3 hour weekend workshop

Registration: To register visit / and For more information visit Rachel at or Britt at

This workshop is designed to educate both pregnant women and yoga teachers on how to safely practice yoga throughout pregnancy. The workshop includes the effects of pregnancy on the body, benefits of yoga in pregnancy and postures to aid common discomforts. Modifications of yoga postures will be taught and discussed. Students will learn about the cautions of practicing while pregnant as well as what poses to avoid. Appropriate pranayama (breath) practices will be reviewed. This workshop is appropriate for those new to yoga, but also for seasoned practitioners and anyone else who is interested in understanding the complex changes that occur in pregnancy.

Teacher: Jane Austin

Location: Yoga Tree

Registration: to register call 415.647.9707 or visit or


Receive whatever kind of restoration your body, mind or soul is in need of, as you surrender to the nurturing stillness and quiet of Restorative Yoga. The focus of this gentle practice is to create a foundation of mental, emotional and physical relaxation that resonates into all aspects of your life. Through supported poses, breath awareness and simple meditation techniques, we'll restore health and vitality to the body and mind. From this still place, the body is more able to access its natural ability to cleanse, heal, rest, sleep, grow, conceive and build immunities. The deep surrender cultivated here is incredibly useful for women preparing to release into the intensity, mystery and power of giving birth, thus pregnant women (who already have an established yoga practice) are encouraged to attend. New parents, people with chronic illnesses, headaches, and discomfort, as well as people that tend to nurture everyone but themselves are also welcomed. This workshop is open to yogis of all backgrounds, levels, sizes and ages. No yoga experience is necessary, just come with the willingness to be still and present with yourself.

Teacher: Britt Fohrman

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Yoga Tree

Registration: Register through Yoga Tree, call 415.647.9707. For more information visit

Prenatal Teacher Training Workshops

This pre and post natal yoga teacher training offers holistic, practical information for how to support women during conception, childbearing, and beyond. We will explore a breadth of traditional and conventional wisdom, as we learn to teach pre and postnatal yoga asana, meditation, philosophy and breathwork. This comprehensive course also includes study of nutrition, common medical and midwifery practices, alternative healing modalities, as well as birthing relaxation techniques. Additionally, we'll cultivate tools for supporting women through fertility treatments, accepting infertility, and healing from miscarriage and other loss. Students will complete this training possessing a wide breadth of practical knowledge, hands on experience, numerous resources, feeling prepared to work with and inspire women in all stages of life. Encompassing all phases of the childbearing cycle, this training is the most comprehensive of its kind. Participants will not only learn from four accomplished yoga teachers, but also have the opportunity to deepen their own practices, becoming more connected to their own bodies.

Teacher: Britt Fohrman

Guest Teachers: Kari Marble, Katie Louderback, Rachel Yellin, Joanna Adler and Elizabeth McBride PT

Duration: 50 classroom hours plus 50 independent study hours to be completed after the training.

Location: The Mindful Body

Registration: to register call 415.931.2639 or visit For more information visit and


Founded by Jane Austin, Mama Tree is a holistic and comprehensive training on the art and science of teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga. The training includes teaching yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond. This includes yoga asana practice, lecture, class observations, guest speakers, practice teaching and lots of juicy discussion.
Mama Tree is a registered prenatal yoga school with Yoga Alliance.(RPYS). It is formatted in two parts, 45 hours trainings. The Level One is a fundamentals training and Level Two is an advanced training, 90 hours total

  • Location: Yoga Tree
  • Level One March and October
  • Level Two July
  • Visit for more details

    See YOGA IN PREGNANCY listing above for full description

    Postnatal Teacher Training Workshops


    Incorporating yoga in your home or classroom can have significant benefits. This Sunday afternoon course is a valuable resource for parents, educators, or professionals working with kids of all ages. Yoga experience is not required.

    Teacher: Michelle Wing

    Duration: 4 hours

    Location: It's Yoga, Kids

    Registration: To register call 415.561.0900 or visit


    The courses, It's Yoga, Kids for 3-7 year olds and Rocket Kids for 8-13 year olds, are comprehensive programs to certify you to teach yoga to kids. This weekend training includes material for toddlers, teens, families, babies and children with special needs. Yoga Alliance certification is recommended but not required.

    Teacher: Michelle Wing

    Duration: 10 hours

    Location: It's Yoga, Kids

    Registration: to register call 415.561.0900 or visit


    Teacher: Jane Austin

    See PRENATAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING listing above for full description


    Teacher: Britt Fohrman

    See TEACHING YOGA FOR PREGNANCY, BIRTH AND BEYOND listing above for full description

    Parent and Baby Workshops


    Love, compassion and respect are essential to a healthy family. Massaging your baby contributes tremendously to cultivating these qualities through respectful communication and nurturing touch.
    Come learn to massage to your baby in a 4 week series, a one-time two hour intensive, a mom's group class, or a private at your own home.

    In infant massage class you will

    • Learn how to give your baby a full-body massage
    • Learn clear protocols to relieve gas, constipation, colic and stress
    • Learn songs and rhymes to accompany massage
    • Learn through massage how to nourish your child's well-being, enhancing brain development, emotional and physical health, and spiritual connection
    • Bond with your baby
    • Build confidence in caring for your child

    Key Benefits of Infant Massage

    • Promotes bonding and attachment
    • Promotes healthy child development
    • Increases self-esteem and sense of love, acceptance, respect and trust
    • Improves blood circulation and digestion
    • Stimulates brain development
    • Helps baby relax and sleep better
    • Reduces discomfort from teething, gas, colic, and emotional stress

    Classes are appropriate for babies age 4 weeks to pre-crawling

    Teacher: Kari Marble

    Duration: Options include a series of 4 one-hour classes; a one-time two- hour intensive, a mom's group intensive, or a private at your own home.

    Location: Natural Resources and Carmel Blue in San Francisco and private homes in San Francisco and Marin.

    Registration: To register for a private or mom's group class, please contact Kari at 415-845-1073 or For further information, see


    Spirited Parenting is an integrated approach to healthy and conscious parenting through private and group Coaching. In this process you will be supported in experiencing clarity, direction, and purpose for a peaceful and empowered transition into and throughout parenthood. Topics include: Conceiving consciously- the power of Intention in creating Life, Creating your ideal vision for motherhood/fatherhood, Re claiming role as Wife, Husband or Partner, Learning how to Mother Self while being a Mom, Loving your body in pregnancy and after birth, Experiencing balance in all relationships, Embodying the Divine Feminine-how to step into your female energy to mother Self and Child, Spirited Childhood- an approach to heal and re parent Self.

    Teacher: Ginger Layden-Braun

    Duration: Varied, based upon specific session type

    Location: Various

    Registration: To find out more or schedule a private session please call Ginger at 415 845-3930 or email;



    Prepare for labor with a ritual walk through the labyrinth...
    Join childbirth educator Jane Austin and the midwives of the Bay Area Homebirth Collective at Grace Cathedral's Chartres-style labyrinth on the 3rd Thursday of every month. We'll gather at 11:45 am and begin walking at noon as the bells start to ring. This is a time for quiet reflection, and a chance to put aside all the thoughts and chatter that busy our minds and distract us from connecting to our authentic selves. Walking the labyrinth is an ideal way to actively meditate during pregnancy, and another step in preparing for birth. All are welcome to this free event. Grace Cathedral requests a donation to enter the church.

    Grace Cathedral
    1100 California Street
    San Francisco, California 94108
    For more information visit Jane's website

    © postnatal photos by Britt Fohrman & prenatal photo by Jane Austin Yoga